Attention Deficit


Ages: 4-14 years old


often begins in childhood and can persist into adulthood.

Children with ADHD may have trouble in controlling impulsive behaviors, it may affect their academic performance, contribute to low self-esteem, and troubled relationships. 

Learning Difficulties
Learning Difficulties
Learning Difficulties

include limited attention and hyperactivity.

ADHD symptoms start before age 12, and in some children, they’re noticeable as early as 4 years of age. 

The Causes

Scientists have not yet identified the specific causes of ADHD.

There is evidence that genetics contribute to ADHD. For example, three out of four children with ADHD have a relative with the disorder. Other factors that may contribute to the development of ADHD include being born prematurely, brain injury and the mother smoking, using alcohol or having extreme stress during pregnancy.