Ages:2-14 years old


Behavioral therapy

we use range of techniques to change maladaptive behaviors and to reinforce desirable behaviors. Behavior analysis has robust practical applications in mental health treatment and organizational psychology, particularly when focused on helping children and adults learn new behaviors or reduce problem behaviors.

Based on the recent research, Cognitive behavioural therapy

is contemporary an accepted and effective method of treating people with learning disabilities, this is evidenced by the reducing numbers of persons suffering from Learning Difficulties illnesses.


In order to understand how behavioral therapy works,

it is important to know more about the basic principles that contribute to behavioral therapy. The techniques used in this type of treatment are based on the theories of classical conditioning and operant conditioning.


of Behavioral Therapy:

Applied behavior analysis

Increase language and communication skills. Improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics. Decrease problem behaviors
Learning Difficulties

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

relies on behavioral techniques, but adds a cognitive element, focusing on the problematic thoughts behind behaviors.
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Cognitive behavioral play therapy

Our therapists may use play to help a child learn how to communicate, socialize, think and behave differently.
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Learning Difficulties
Learning Difficulties
Learning Difficulties

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