Fun & Educational

The important goals of these programs are to help children acquire many skills and give them the tools they need to discover their talents  


Qudrability Fun and Educational program

Here at Qudrability, you can find many Educational Activities and programs that offer your child an opportunity for playing, learning, and developing creative expressions. Above all, these programs are created to provide quality time to keep your kids engaged to learn with fun. See our list of upcoming Events and Activities and pick the ones you and your kid will benefit from and enjoy the most.

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Music boost a child’s memory, Social-emotional -learning, Motor skills, Language, and academic performance. 

this program will includes :

piano teacher

Brain Gym Summer Camp

Even after school, there are plenty of opportunities for children to learn new skills, experience new adventures, and have lots of fun. Summer camps can bring all of this and much more.

Our summer program includes Signature Practices that offer hands-on approaches to encourage the skills your child will need to learn and develop new talents:


we meet kids from 4 to 10 years old