Kariman Hammami

Kariman Hamami has been working with children with special needs and learning difficulties for over 20 years.

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A desire to learn and grow within her profession

has propelled her to accept various roles over the span of her career. She has been an ABA therapist, ABA program supervisor, head of tutoring program, Centre manager, Dyslexia specialist and Inclusion leader.

Kariman is a strong advocate of accepting and overcoming challenges such as learning disabilities with the appropriate supports to advance and individual child on the road to independent living.

Kariman has a master’s degree in psychology from Roehampton university UK, she is an Inclusion Leader recognized by KHDA, she has also attained a BCaBA course from Florida Institute of Technology, teacher’s training college certificate, 2 intensive Applied Behavior Analysis courses.

She has lectured at various professional development workshops aimed at educating parents and professionals.