Learning Difficulties

What is the relationship between phonological awareness and working memory and how it could affect literacy

A number of studies have been carried out to test the correlation between phonological processing, phonological working memory (PWM) and phonological awareness (PA). PWM is important for the learning of comprehension, written and spoken language (Adams & Gathercole 1995). This does not mean that phonological awareness determines the development of working memory. However, it shows that higher levels of phonological awareness and working memory a child has will increase his literacy phase. Working memory is very important for all children to learn how to read

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Behavioral Therapy

Guide Your Child to Expect Success!

A child learns to believe in his or her ability to succeed through his or her interaction with parents. There are many ways parents can “show success” into their child’s life. The following two strategies applied consistently will nurture your child’s desire to tackle life’s challenges with confidence.   Review your child’s successes with him (her) on a daily basis: Never let your child doubt his capacity to ultimately prevail. Resist the temptation to criticize. If your child does not

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Social Communication Skill

5 ways to deal with your stubborn Child

Who said parenting was easy?  Although rewarding, parenting can be equally as challenging – especially so when your child is stubborn  Although stubbornness in children is synonymous with angry toddlers and defiant teens, it can actually present at any age.  Here are 5 ways to help you deal with your stubborn child: 1. Keep CALM Tip number one is to Stay CALM! How can you expect your little one to keep cool if your temper grows hot? Children learn by

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