Guide Your Child to Expect Success!

A child learns to believe in his or her ability to succeed through his or her interaction with parents. There are many ways parents can “show success” into their child’s life. The following two strategies applied consistently will nurture your child’s desire to tackle life’s challenges with confidence.


  • Review your child’s successes with him (her) on a daily basis:

Never let your child doubt his capacity to ultimately prevail. Resist the temptation to criticize. If your child does not behave in a way that pleases you, remember that the cause of your child’s unwanted behaviour is sometimes his feelings of disempowerment and insecurity.

Help your child feel more secure! Express faith and confidence in his ability to handle the challenges of life and to select appropriate behavior the next time.

Guide your child to believe that S/he can make the best choices for each situation.


  • Daily affirmation for greatness:

Always add positive thoughts in your mind. My child has the power to make successful decisions and have a glorious life. His talents are so strong that I have every reason to expect success. I believe in him. My child is brilliant and amazing; his life is evolving toward greatness. I admire the way he meets challenges head on. I can trust his judgment.